Refreshingly honest

Has anyone ever revealed something to you so honestly that it’s refreshing?

Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it takes you off guard. But sometimes it does both of those but still manages to feel refreshing.

It’s not that they just say what they want to say. It’s not even that they just say what they really feel. It’s that they say what should be said without apologizing. They say what no one else dares to say for fear of making people feel bad, but somehow they say it so sincerely that you know they’re not trying to make you feel bad.

They disarm you because you realize they aren’t bringing any weapons to the table and you’ll feel foolish toting an Uzi under your T-shirt. They disarm you because they become so vulnerable that you’ll look stupid trying to hide something.

I don’t know anyone who talks like that all the time, just here and there, in spurts. Still, I’d like to learn to talk like that. I’d like to tell stories with refreshing honesty.