Reflecting on Saudi

It’s not the end of the year, but it feels like the end of a chapter for me. Saudi has come to a close.

When these chapters end like this, I think it’s good for me to pause and reflect over what I experienced, how things turned out compared to how I imagined they would, and what I learned from all of it. As a result, over the next few days, I’m going to take a few posts to reflect over this in public.

Here are some of the posts you might see soon, some of which correspond to the reasons I went to Saudi in the first place:

  • My opinion of Saudi Arabia
  • How much I saved in Saudi Arabia
  • Where I traveled from Saudi Arabia
  • Why I’m not scared of travel (to the point of stupidity)
  • Secret project #3, revealed!
  • 10 ways I’ve changed since moving to Saudi Arabia

Humor me if you will… or stop reading for all I care, and I’ll catch up with you later.

Lastly, on a more serious note, Marshallogue set a new site record yesterday: 5,998 unique visitors in one day. All I can say is “thank you”… and keep writing. That’s what I’m going to try to do.