Rapid-fire memories: A challenge

For the past three years, I’ve spent time each December churning out a list of 100+ rapid-fire memories from the past year (see 20092010, and 2011.) It’s one of my favorite posts to write, which is why I keep doing it.

On top of just writing it, though, it’s also one of my favorite sets of posts to review periodically. I love remembering what happened each year, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t. It’s easy to forget the details years later. I enjoy not doing that.

So, as I get started on this year’s post, I have a challenge for you. Write your own.

This year is 2012, so I’m writing a list of 112 rapid-fire memories. Pushing past 100 helps me dig into what really happened over the year. If you’re one of those readers who won’t do this if you have to reach 112, do it with just 12. That’ll take about five minutes, including the time to email me a copy.

That’s the challenge. It’s not a competition to create a better (or faster) list, just to finish. It’ll be fun.

What do you remember from this past year?