Race to wrinkles

Women tend to wrinkle quicker than men. Such a pity since women’s appearance matters more than men’s.

Why do women wrinkle sooner? Some might argue it’s because they’re more stressed. If that were the case, though, wouldn’t they age faster as well, meaning they would tend to have shorter life-spans than men? But the opposite is true about life-spans.

The other hypothes is… did I just say that? I meant “guess.” The other guess is that men have thicker skin than women. This probably contributes, but for the sake of this illustration, I’m going to say it’s not the primary reason.

I want to believe that women wrinkle sooner than men because they smile more. It’s certainly corrolated. On average, women do smile more than men (and laugh way more for that matter). If this is accurate, I’d say women are making the right trade: laughing and smiling for sooner wrinkles.

So that’s what this race is about. Let’s race to see who gets wrinkles first. Let’s race to try to get wrinkles first from laughing and smiling.

Seriously, I want laugh lines next year because I’ve smiled and laughed and enjoyed life so much. Someone once said:

“I don’t want to give the coroner a pretty package. I want him to say, ‘What the h*** happened to this guy?’ “

I agree.