Quoting: A different way to retweet

The usual template for a retweet starts with RT, space, and then @TheirUsername. Another way to do it looks more like a quote, like this:

“This is an example of a quote on Twitter, not a retweet.” -@TheirUsername

I like this version for three reasons:

  1. It’s shorter. When you’re limited on space, or trying to be concise, the quote version comes to the┬árescue.
  2. It jumps right to the action. Instead of a bunch of meta data, the quote version gets right to the content and shares who created it at the end.
  3. It highlights the auther better. After all, wouldn’t you rather be quoted than merely copied or repeated? Something about citing a person seems to show that person more respect.

I still use the old style for retweeting most of the time. When I want something a little extra special, though, I use the quote version. Try it out. It’s classy.

P. S. You can use it for quoting offline content too, not just repeating tweets that have already been shared online.