Profiling… yep, that's what I'm going to do

I’m starting a new series here on the blog. I’m going to start profiling different people in my life. I’m going to give each person a separate blog post and share a bit about them with everyone else.

When I started my first journal probably a decade ago, I started with the intent to write an entry about each of the people in my life. That never happened. I don’t even think I did one.

So I thought I’d try to get back to doing that now. But before I do, I need your help…

What should the format be? Right now for each person, this is my plan:

  • Intro (about whatever)
  • How I met Mr. Smith
  • Who Mr. Smith is
  • What Mr. Smith likes
  • One fact about Mr. Smith
  • One reason I like Mr. Smith
  • One memory I have of Mr. Smith
  • Mr. Smith in one word

What do you think of that structure? What other questions should I try to answer about each person? Anything I should drop?