Profile: Ted E. Jones (aka "Media Man")

Theodore Elliot Jones.

With a name like that, he should be a poet. Instead, he spouts hilarity like a machine gun. Probably only one in ten of his “bullets” hit their mark, but he doesn’t really care how much amo he has to waste. He knows it’ll eventually hit you.

He says, “You might as well laugh now because eventually you are going to laugh. Everyone has a breaking point.”

How I met Ted E. Jones

I just remember all the doctor visits when he was on his way into the world. We’ve been close ever since.

Who Ted E. Jones is

  • Local college student.
  • My parents’ second kid.
  • My brother.

What Ted E. Jones likes

  • Video games and movies (he knows way too much about which is coming out when and who plays who in each… and he knows how to find good deals on them).
  • Playing and creating music… especially on bass, guitar, and drums.
  • Beef jerky.

One fact about Ted E. Jones

One day when Ted was about six months old, he was sitting on the kitchen counter in a car seat. I was acting up, so Pop was distracted from watching Ted for a second. In that second, Ted fell off the counter and broke his leg.

Yeah, like six months old.

One reason I like Ted E. Jones

He’s easy going… always about having fun, not in a shallow way but in a… well, fun way. He doesn’t open up around strangers very quickly, but once he does, you realize how much of a Teddy Bear he really is, even if it is a pretty ridiculous Teddy Bear most of the time.

One memory I have of Ted E. Jones

When I was probably six or seven years old, I had an armor set. Ted didn’t have one, so we just split it up. As the eldest and armor owner, I of course took all the good stuff. I had the sword and breastplate and shield, I think.

Ted had this lame knight helmet, with a visor that he pushed down below his chin, and the sheath to my sword. He put his four fingers into the sheath and let his thumb hang out, which meant his “sword” was basically a karate chop with an extension. He had to use one of the shin guards as a shield.

Thinking back and picturing him like that, I realize how pathetic that looked… what a lame older brother I was. Oh well, we had a ton of fun… I did, at least. :>)

Ted E. Jones in one word