Profile: Rocky Jones (aka "Poppy," et al.)

His real name is Marshall Lee Jones… now Sr., because I’ve made it so. Actually, the other way around…

See, he’s my dad, but I never call him that. I call him “Poppy” or “Pop”… except in this post. I’m not sure how that name came about – I’m not sure anyone knows really. It just happened.

Right now, I have more respect for Pop than anyone else I know, particularly in the sense that what he knows carries a tremendous amount of weight in what I know.

How I met Rocky Jones

Um… birth. I’ll just stop there.

Who Rocky Jones is

  • Pastor of Calvary Chapel Louisville, but he’s a Christian anyway. :>)
  • Father of five children including me.
  • Husband of Carla Jones, my mother.

What Rocky Jones likes

  • Guitars and amps and messing with them to make them sound better.
  • Tony Impellizzeri’s pizza.
  • Coca-Cola and won’t really drink Pepsi even though he says he just prefers Coke.

One fact about Rocky Jones

He has a fun sense of humor (read: he laughs at the same things I laugh at) and enjoys goofing off. But he’s not so swift with actually telling jokes, which sometimes makes them even funnier.

One reason I like Rocky Jones

Once again, because he’s my dad. Need I say more? Seriously, this could be one of those 100-item list posts.

I’m pretty sure the fact that we love having fun and laugh at the same crazy things might count too. <<Is that two reasons, though?

One memory I have of Rocky Jones

Last year when I vacationed in California, I called him up one night and we talked for a couple hours. Thing is, California time is three hours behind Kentucky time where Pop was. Still, where I was staying, everyone was going to bed, so I had to get off the phone. It was about 3:00 am in Kentucky. Pop was like, “Okay, yeah, I guess I should get to bed too.”

He’s always lived that part of the Rock-n-Roll lifestyle, playing music and staying up late.

Rocky Jones in one word

Poppy. :>)