Profile: Raquel Jones (aka "Raquelaroo")

She’s Raquel Christine Jones… but her name will change. In fact, it’s already changed. I used to call her “Cloggy,” but I forgot why. So that had to go.

Now Raquel is Raquelaroo.

And I love her too.

How I met Raquel Jones

I met Raquel a couple minutes after she was born. I was older for this birth, so I understood a little more of what was going on.

I remember leaving the house with my parents and brothers. I remember the contractions (though my mom knows I really have no idea). I remember throwing quarters at a crack in the sidewalk with my brothers, trying to see who could get closest.

It was quite an event.

Who Raquel Jones is

  • Up and coming ballerina.
  • My parents’ fourth kid… but first girl.
  • My favorite sister.

What Raquel Jones likes

  • Dancing.
  • Being carried.
  • Rice and green beans with soy sauce… lots of soy sauce.

One fact about Raquel Jones

She’s about as girly as a sister with four brothers can get. Her room is ridiculously pink. She has piles of dolls. And she dances ballet for crying out loud. But she also eats Frank’s Hot Sauce and beef jerky sticks, shows no mercy if you’re trying to make a deal with her, and wears Darth Vader shirts.

Pop says when she’s ready to get married, he and my brothers and I will take whoever’s interested on a little hike… just to see if he makes it. My guess, though, is that hanging with us will be easy-peasy compared to Darth Tutu.

One reason I like Raquel Jones

She likes me. She’d hang out with me all the time, playing games, listening to stories of my childhood, or getting her hamstring tickled. I’m her big brother, and even though she’s 11 years younger than I am (or maybe partly because she is), she loves my attention.

One memory I have of Raquel Jones

She had just learned to talk, and my dad and a couple other people were sitting around watching a movie or something. Raquel walked over to Pop and said, “Hello, Pillow.” Then she laid her head on his lap and took a nap.

Raquel Jones in one word