Profile: Carla Jones (aka "Momma")

She signs her name “Carla F. Jones,” but I always call her Momma. She married my dad when she was 20 years old, back when huge, red-framed glasses were popular.

Maybe this is an almost universal mother trait, but she’s a perfect example of the mothers in the stories Love You Forever and The Runaway Bunny. Just sayin’…

Overall, I’ve probably learned more directly from her than anyone else (hence the first Bourne post). And while I probably respect Pop’s observations and decisions more than anyone else’s, I admire Momma’s gracious attitude toward others.

How I met Carla Jones

Hmm… conception. Again, I’ll just stop there.

Who  is Carla Jones

  • Home school teacher.
  • Mother of five (my brothers, sister, and I).
  • Wife of Rocky Jones (i.e. pastor’s wife).

What Carla Jones likes

  • Kids, especially babies (this gets pretty ridiculous actually).
  • Card games.
  • Chocolate and doughnuts.

One fact about Carla Jones

She once got rid of her Monopoly board game because she was too addicted to it and too competitive. This highlights two things about her:

1. She’s much more compassionate than I am in general, but when it comes to games, even sports, she’s very competitive. (By the way, this competitiveness mixed with her graciousness is an fascinating combination.)

2. She makes plans and actually follows-through with them to improve things.

One reason I like Carla Jones

She’s probably the most others-oriented person I know. And with that comes a fantastic spirit of sacrifice for and awareness of others. Even though she’d probably say she has a long way to go, she’s the best example I know of someone who gives herself for others (except in card games, board games, or field hockey). :>)

If you want to do a case study of an amazing mom, wife, or just a women in general, study her life.

One memory I have of Carla Jones

I remember her whispering, “I loooooooove my babies,” to my brothers and I as we were drifting off to sleep as kids. Not that I ever doubt anyone who says that, but I especially believed her.

Carla Jones in one word