Production/Consumption Ratios (PCRs)

Let me introduce a concept I’ve been considering. Perhaps it’s not new.

Production/Consumption Ratios (PCRs). PCRs can measure many variables, but for this discussion, I’m counting “production” as producing information and “consumption” as consuming information.

As I write this, I’m listening to a panel discussion (called “The art of speed” with Evan Williams, Cali Lewis, Mike Cassidy, and Timothy Ferriss for those interested).

The audio lasts about an hour. Writing and publishing this post takes about half an hour, shorter if I focused on it exclusively.

Counting only the time spent listening to this panel while writing, my time PCR is 1:2. I spent twice as much time consuming as I did producing.

Most people have teeny tiny, time PCRs, which means they spend very little time producing compared to very much time consuming.

I’d like to develop this idea further (think money PCRs). But for now, it’s enough to consider time PCRs alone. I’m working to improve (read: increase) my time PCR. At least for now.

Whether or not I keep a high time PCR in the long run is another question. Something to think about.