Privacy? What?

I thought of doing a video screen cast for you today. I thought of turning it on and just played around on facebook for five minutes or so. Maybe I could even start a series of me goofing around with various online tools I use all the time. Sounds fun to watch, right? (Don’t answer that.)

Anyway, I decided against that because I thought of something else. Privacy.

Some of my friends on facebook have their info locked up. They love me enough (?) to include me in the inner circle (though some might be blocking too). The point is, I’m been given the privilege to see some of my friend’s otherwise private postings.

It doesn’t seem right for me to screen cast it all and show it off on this blog. It’s not like that many people read this or that many people would really care. Still, it’s the principle of it.

But what is privacy? To me, privacy is ridiculous. I’ve opened everything out for everyone to see. I don’t have anything blocked (except passwords so no one can update for me or something like that).

For the sake of my friends, I’m not going to do the screen cast. But how easy would it be for someone else to do it?

You might think you have privacy, but you don’t. Website owners can track your every move on their sites. They can access any data they want (if they really want to). It’s all out there. And it’s going to be even more all out there.

I’m not sure where I thought this post was going. I think I just wanted to talk about something called privacy. Because I’m not even sure what it means anymore.