Practical is harder than theoretical. But practical is where it’s all at.

Practical is harder than theoretical because it means breaking down all the steps, not just the final, general step.

It’s one thing to know the end, the goal. That’s the theoretical. Some people have trouble finding that.

But it’s quite another to know each step to reach that goal. That’s the practical. Everyone has trouble finding that.

Practical is where it’s all at because without it, the theoretical is nothing. Meaningless.

We don’t need new theoretical. News flash: we already have all the theoretical we need. Nothing new and amazing (i.e. surprisingly good) will pop out of nowhere.

Practical still works without theoretical if it’s the right practical. We don’t necessarily need to know how to get somewhere in order to get there. (Is that a surprise? No, you know this from when your friend drove you to his house.)

Sure, we might not have quite the understanding without the theoretical. But yes, we’ll still get there if we have the practical.

This post is theoretical. It’s about the end goal: practical. But it makes no claims, offers no help for how to get there.

That’s the hard part: figuring out how to get there. But that’s what we need.