Post 1,000

Earlier this month, I celebrated the anniversary of the day I was born, also known as a birthday. Today, I celebrate an important anniversary in the history of this site. Today, with this post, marks the 1,000th post I’ve written here.

For all the number geeks out there like me, I’ve published about 285,000 words. To put that into perspective, consider some of these other numbers:

  • The Old Man and the Sea: ~27,000
  • 1984: ~90,000 words
  • Twilight: ~115,000 words
  • Moby Dick: ~212,000 words

In other words, I’ve written the equivalent of three novels.

I’m not saying this to brag. The average post here contains just 285 words, and probably none could get published traditionally. I’m saying it more like, “Yeah, if you write a little every day, eventually you turn into a writer.”

When I first started this, I had no idea I’d last this long or come this far. I started this simply as an experiment. It’s become much more than that now. So I’m celebrating.

Also, in conjunction with this occasion and the continuing adoption fund (where you can show your appreciation), I decided to offer my first products here. But we’ll get into that soon enough…

For now, thank you.

Thank you for reading and responding and following and caring. I’d like to say I’d write regardless of what anyone else does, and maybe that’s true. But it sure makes it a lot more fun and interesting and meaningful with you around.

As always, I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you so much.