Podcast [EXPERIMENT] – Number 2

Most importantly, if you’re going to do an audio podcast…

  1. Title it something interesting or descriptive (so we either want to listen or can make an informed decision whether or not we want to listen)
  2. Talk about something meaningful. At the very least, something planned.
  3. Don’t call it a podcast. Call it a show.

With that, ladies and gents, enjoy the latest installment that sets, and then breaks, all these rules…

[Download here by right clicking and selecting “save as.”]

Show notes

  • 0:01 More original music for you.
  • 0:36 Why I recorded this in my car (the same reason I don’t let anyone read over my shoulder when I write)
  • 1:51 What I didn’t like my first venture into audio (Number 1)
  • 2:04 What I did like from Number 1 (biggest thing)
  • 2:23 How I came up with my topic for the audio (hint: I didn’t do it ahead of time)
  • 3:21 What I didn’t like about the title of Number 1
  • 4:15 Next steps to take in learning more about podcasting
  • 5:10 Outing my brother for bailing on me
  • 6:03 “That is about it…” + fade in drums outro