Playing like a spaz

While I was playing basketball with some friends, someone wanted to jump into our game. The teams were already even, but we let him join the losing team anyway.

He was a spaz, chasing balls out of bounds, playing tight defense, and shooting like crazy. Not a bad thing. He was just trying to show he could play.

I remember being that guy. I remember specifically being that guy playing Frisbee for the first time a few years ago at IU Southeast. I was watching. They asked me to play. I joined… and played like a spaz.

Not a bad thing. I was just trying to show I could play.

See, by that point, all the regulars have slowed down. They’ve already shown that they can play (or can’t). So they take it easy.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if everyone played like the spaz just because they wanted to instead of doing it to prove themselves? Wouldn’t it be nice we allowed them to do that?