Papers: A series

A while back, I wanted to write about papers. At the time, I was actually writing papers for my secret project, the one that involved working on a Master’s degree. So even though I wanted to write about this, I couldn’t because it might have given away some of the secret.

Well, the secret’s out, so I can write about this now.

Okay, okay, I know this probably sounds like the lamest topic ever. It probably is. But I want to do it because…

  1. I always want to tell people about papers. Like seriously, whenever I hear about papers or students staying up writing papers or whatever, I always want to share some of this, some of what I’ve learned. I’m hoping to get it all out here so some of this annoying desire to talk about it goes away.
  2. I don’t write the way most How-To guides say to write, definitely not the way academic advisors advise. I’ll get into more of why that is in the next post. For now, I’ll just say that most people advise doing it the long, painful way, just because it’s supposedly the “right” way to do it. I’ll share the shortcuts.
  3. Even if you don’t care about any of this process directly, how I write papers tells a lot about how I think. And that’s what Marshallogue is all about. Granted, you might not care how I think either, but if that’s the case, you’re kind of sort of reading the wrong blog.

For what it’s worth, most of my papers earned me A’s in my classes, a few were used as models for other students to see strong examples, and my last one for the capstone course of my Master’s degree got 100%. I’m not saying this to impress you – I’m saying this because after you read the series, you’ll want to think it won’t work.

The problem is that it does.

The series:

  1. How to think about the process
  2. How to choose a topic
  3. How to set up a template
  4. How to research
  5. How to outline
  6. How to write an introduction
  7. How to sound academic
  8. How to use sources
  9. How to write a conclusion
  10. How to up a page count
  11. How to end

Hope this helps.