Paper Marshallogue [EXPERIMENT] – Day 6

I think I just fell in love with two-wheel motor bikes. I’d ridden them before in Saudi, but this was different. This was the first time I got to ride one all day.

To be completely open, I’ve been considered buying a moped in Louisville ever since Korea. The savings on gas payments and insurance seemed like a trade I might be willing to make. I’ve always had an issue with safety, though. They never seemed like a great idea because of how dangerous they seem. The roads in America just aren’t made for two wheels, and the drivers don’t know to look out for them. Everyone I know who’s had one has been in some kind of accident.

But somehow, after tonight, I’m forgetting all that, all the rational I’ve had in the past. I’ve felt the rush and – at least right now – it feels like there’s no going back.