Paper Marshallogue [EXPERIMENT] – Day 19

I haven’t wanted to take photos here. I’ve almost had to force myself to do it here and there just because I know everyone’s going to want to see what I saw.

And that’s the thing: no matter how many photos I take, they’ll never capture what I’m seeing. I’m not usually one to call that a reason to give up. Just because you can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In this case with India, though, it’s not just that I can’t capture what I see – it’s that if I try to capture what I see, I feel like I might not even see it as well, losing on both counts then.

So I haven’t taken as many photos. Instead, I’ve tried to keep my eyes open, my ears listening, and my other senses aware of what’s around me and how it makes me feel. Maybe I won’t be able to share India as easily this way. Or maybe I’ll share it in different, less visual, more emotional ways.