Pain and how to relieve it

The wart’s one month check up. The scraping. The freezing. The hobbling about afterward.

For those who don’t know, I had a wart treated about a month ago. The doctor scraped off a massive callous and then froze the wart. Pain.

Again, today, same routine. Pain.

But I discovered something helpful this time.

The wart’s on my heel. I found if I closed my eyes and (come with me on this – I know it sounds lame) imagined looking at the back of my heel, the pain diminished. Considerably.

Fascinating. So I’m sitting on a couch, experimenting with how to forget the pain in my heel. Imagining other body parts, my knee for example, didn’t work as well.

Thinking about a body part that’s close to the pain somehow dampened the response from the pain neuron. It’s like my brain can’t receive pain from one part while actively focusing on an adjacent part.

A soothing limitation.

So yeah, what I did sounds similar to guided imagery, except I focused on the back of my foot instead of some tropic paradise.

[After a nap, the pain had weakened to about the level of last time after waking up the next morning. Thank God.]