Opening my home: An untold story

My parents don’t know this story, so I’ve been apprehensive about publishing it here.

I met a guy through a mutual online friend. This guy was visiting Korea from Canada. We exchanged tweets maybe a few dozen times. I wanted to check out his art project while he was here, but I couldn’t make it up to the DMZ at the time because of my work schedule.

Instead, though, when he came back into Seoul after working on his art project for a few weeks, we got a chance to meet.

And this is where it gets crazy.

  • He found a place to stay but didn’t have a washing machine. I did, so I invited him to use mine.
  • He could only come at about 8:00pm or something. I worked then, but I still invited him over.
  • He didn’t have a key to my place. I didn’t need to give him a key, though, because my place just used a number pad for the lock.

So after emailing him directions, having never met him in person or even talked to him on the phone, I sent him the combination to the lock on the door of my place.

I can think of situations that would require more trust: a random homeless man asking to borrow a car or a kid or a wife. Those sound insane.┬áBut thinking back, inviting a stranger into my home while I wasn’t there… I guess that could sound pretty crazy too.

I think I told my parents I met him. Only now have I told them how.