One week update

(Sounds like “one weak update,” which might be more accurate.)

This is the seventh post on this blog. I started out with the goal of posting daily for seven days to see if posting daily is sustainable for me.

So far, it’s been wonderful. I wanted to do this without having to think about it, without it becoming a choir. So far, that’s working out.

Next goal: post daily for one full month. A 30-day trial (the first seven days are included in the 30). In 23 days, I’ll update again on how this is going and see if I want to keep it up.

The one week mark also marks the opening of this blog. It’s been online for the past seven days for anyone who could find it. But as of today, I’m letting everyone know about it.

[By the way, if this is your first time here, wonderful. Read through some of the older posts to learn what’s going on so far. If you’re unfamiliar with blogs, the posts show in reverse chronological order.]

The cool thing about writing like this, one short post each day, is it doesn’t take long to read one post. As a result, anyone can catch up on a week or more of my posts in a few minutes if they don’t want to read this each day. But for those who want to show up everyday, there’s something new every day for them.

For the past seven posts, the writing’s been stream of consciousness, which only my family and closest friends can stand reading. Even that’s a stretch.

But the stream of consciousness does have an important advantage over well thought out, sensible posts: I can write them in only a couple minutes. I’m always thinking (you’re rolling your eyes). If I put down what I’m thinking, it’s easy to come up with 200+ words of something. Again, “something” is debatable. You might call it rambling nonsense.

By the way, I switched the blog theme (the look of the blog) a few days ago. That’s why it’ s mostly white instead of mostly black. You didn’t see the black version, so you can’t miss it.

Come back tomorrow for an explanation of some of the craziness in my bio on the right.