One goal, different strategies

One of the best lessons I’ve heard lately from a sermon came from a preacher preaching about how to preach. He said preachers should call their audience to respond but not necessarily lock them into one kind of response. For example, a preacher might say, “I know God wants everyone to care for orphans. What I don’t know is how God wants you specifically to care for them.”

Whether you’re a Christian or not, I think this principle holds true.¬†You can tell people what to do, if it’s a universally good thing to do, but leave options open for how they express themselves in doing that good thing.

Taking this to heart, I’m going to switch gears with the adoption fund. For the first week, I focused on raising money, and that’s it. Now I’m switching to broaden the appeal. Instead of just asking for money, I’m going to ask for other forms of support as well.

I did this on purpose so I can measure the results from both types of strategies and compare them. In any case, I’m looking forward to watching how this plays out. I hope you’re ready to help.