On being cold blooded

Evidently, my experiment in living without A/C plus my travels through southeast Asia have had a more permanent effect on my temperature regulation than I ever would have guessed.

I’ve always tended to enjoy slightly warmer temperatures, I think, but it wasn’t until I returned to Kentucky that I realized how much I enjoy staying extra toasty. I start feeling cold before everyone else, and I don’t feel hot until after everyone else wants to turn down the heat.

I’ve been a fan of jackets for a while, but that wasn’t really because of the cold. I just like jackets. Now, though, it’s more about how I feel.

It’s kind of weird walking around with a zip-up hoodie in the summer orĀ with a scarf when everyone else is just breaking out their sweaters. But since Asia, I guess I’ve come to accept it. I think I used to force myself to just deal with the temperature, even if I didn’t feel totally comfortable. Now that I get cold even quicker, I’ve given up with appearances. I’ll just wear the jacket.

Thing is, it’s kind of just in time. I mean, I’m headed to Saudi Arabia in three months, a country that’s up there with the hottest, driest countries in the world. No really, I’ll fit right in, temperature wise.