Off white (and other things I wonder about but am too lazy to research)

Why is white the only color that can be off? Why not an “off green”? Maybe that would describe that weird, bluish-green color I can never describe.

Speaking of color, way to go Noah Webster (or whoever it was) for taking the “u” out of “color”… and “valor” and “honor” and some others. But why leave “well enough” alone? Why not “wel enuf”? Too ugly?

Why is Abe’s face the only face on a U.S. coin facing the other direction? Is his right cheek prettier than his left?

For that matter, why are we still minting pennies at all when we’re so far in debt? Don’t the minters realize no one wants to carry pennies around anymore? Couldn’t we use the money it takes to mint the cents to pay back some debt?

Or better yet, why don’t all the people who say they don’t care about pennies give their pennies to people who do care. One way or another, cents or sense, they’re not making any.

Why don’t bored people find something to do instead of boring the rest of us? Or on the other hand, why do the unbored complain about the bored instead of doing something about it?

Actually that’s what I’ll write about tomorrow. Thanks for reading.