Not my brightest honeymoon idea

I’m a planner… or perhaps “dreamer” is a better description. I mean, I like to consider amazing possibilities.

So I came upon a brilliant idea… but before I go into that, let me give you the setup, how I came up with this.

Last year, I took a road trip with two of my brothers and a couple friends to Gatlinburg (I should post about this sometime – it’s quite a story). We had a blast. We slept in a van instead of grabbing a hotel. Cops didn’t like that, so we ended up with some fantastic memories.

I’ve enjoyed a few other one day, spontaneous trips like this, and I know friends who’ve enjoyed similar experiences. Why not up that for a honeymoon?

What if instead of a traditional (read: boring… if that’s possible) honeymoon to the Bahamas or something, we took an extended, we-have-no-idea-or-destination road trip? And here’s the brilliant part – what if instead of staying in hotels, wasting valuable money and cheating ourselves out of countless, priceless memories, we slept in our car?

How hot would that be?

Okay, like I said, not my brightest honeymoon idea. I’ll keep planning.