I started this on February 21. So this is Day 3 even though I never posted for Day 1 or 2. The experiment is pretty self-explanatory…


  • No television shows
  • No movies
  • No anything on a TV (but short videos, like interviews and presentations, on the computer are okay)

When I started this, I had just finished watching the eighth and final season of 24 on Netflix (I didn’t watch it when it originally aired). I actually stayed up all night finishing the last episode. I figured that was the last thing I’d watch for a while.

At this point, I feel like I’ve seen all the good stuff. I might watch a movie or two before Korea, but I’m not planning on watching anything once I’m there, except maybe a one-off trip to a Korean movie theater.


For now, I feel like I get to bed better. Usually, I’d stay up until I was tired and then I’d finally put in a movie (thanks to streaming Netflix). So I was already ready to get to sleep, but I’d push myself another two hours watching a movie.

The only thing I feel like I’m missing is the social side of movies. That’s the hardest part of any habit change, when it’s socially conditioned. I think that’s why diets are so difficult to change. They’re usually contingent on culture, or you have to really put forth some effort to buck the system.

Television shows are totally easy for me to ditch. I didn’t watch anything before this experiment, so I’m not really changing anything now as far as that goes. I watched 24, but I finished those. I’ve watched some of The Office and Jimmy Fallon but not regularly. I don’t see it being a problem to completely ditch those.

But we’ll see. The social side might come into play a little more over the weekend. I’ll keep you updated.