It’s been two weeks.

Again, I sort of broke. I visited my grandparents today and ended up watching the season premier of Celebrity Apprentice, you know, with Donald Trump. I don’t recommend it. I should have stuck to playing Dominoes.

The lamest part (with the experiment, not the show) was that I just plain forgot. I didn’t consciously choose to break the fast. I just found myself watching it and at the end realized, Wait, I’m supposed to be not watching TV.

I’m not sure what to do about that. I’m not sure I even want to do anything about it. I like that this experiment isn’t constantly on my mind, the way some experiments can be. I like that it’s a subtle habit change at this point – it wasn’t so subtle in the beginning.

This is supposed to be an experiment, so I’ll try to keep with it. But overall, I like the feeling of flow I’m in right now. Nothing about it feels forced. I guess that takes about two weeks to set it. That’s good to know – I try to mark this point anytime I experiment with something for the first time.

Here are a couple other things I picked up on today…

  • Negative habits are no fun to follow: I already knew this actually, but lately I’ve noticed it even more. It’s no fun to follow someone take something out of their life, unless they have to do a bunch of crazy stuff to take that habit out. The fun stuff to follow is the action. Thankfully, this is just a warming up experiment. 🙂
  • Sabbaths are good: Over the past five months, I’ve returned to appreciating these again, in a practical sense. Sabbaths are a time to take a break. Some diet experts suggest planning one day a week to splurge. That one day off makes the rest of the week easier. The same is true with other habits. Like over the past two weeks, I’ve splurged twice with TV, though these weren’t intended. I think it’s fascinating (read: divine, literally) that the “once per week” interval works so well.