The longer I go without watching TV, the more I watch videos online. I don’t watch video videos, like through Netflix or anything (that would break the rules). I just watch interviews or presentations.

But I’ve been watching more of them lately.

It’s really easy to watch this stuff too. I’m kind of an edutainment guy. I like things that make me think. And it’s easy to justify watching it. After all, I’m learning from it.

But really I’m not. I forget most of the information I think I’m learning.

Even when I don’t forget it, I know I could be spending the time more wisely. Like reading, the way I planned.

I already knew about opposites and how I need to plan a substitute for whatever I’m trying to quit. That’s why I planned on reading books.  Still, it’s interesting to see how hard it is to follow through with that.

Sometimes, like in this case, I guess you have to do other, smaller experiments within a larger experiment to figure out a way to complete the larger experiment. Survival. Actually, that’s one of the biggest takeaways anytime I do these. I learn about all the influences and incentives that make me want to take the normal path instead of following through with the experiment.

I’m a big fan of learning about influences and incentives. I think that’s why I like Economics. And life experiments.