No sight [EXPERIMENT] – Stage I

For the first part of this experiment, I needed to figure out what tasks and activities I’d try while blind. Just doing this highlighted some difficulties with not being able to see.

For instance, I couldn’t just make a list of things to try and then check them off throughout the day. Without sight, I wouldn’t be able to read the list, much less check anything off. Instead, I either needed to memorize my list or record it with audio.

The next big issue was coming up with a good way to blindfold myself. I wanted to shower blind, so I needed something waterproof. Goggles sounded like a good idea, but I couldn’t rig up a way to black out the lenses. A cloth could’ve worked if not for the light peeking through the bottom around my nose. I ended up going with a headband, like a large sweatband, that covered pretty well and felt fairly comfortable. I ended up just closing my eyes through the shower.

I knew I only really had the first half of the day to run the experiment, but I figured I’d try to get in as much as possible in the time I had. So other than brainstorming some activities and prepping my blindfold ahead of time, I didn’t really prepare otherwise.

I’ll just stumble through it, I thought.