No refrigerator [EXPERIMENT] – Day 30

This is another one of those “Oh, I could never live without that!” experiments. Like giving up your TV, your A/C, or your phone, it seems pretty tough at first. Then you start to consider it, and it starts to feel impossible.

But then you pull the plug, literally sometimes, and realize that it’s not only possible but that it’s probably something you should have tried sooner.

After the initial meltdown, the fridge just sat there. I learned that some groceries wilt faster than others, and I got the timing down much better. I know how fast I’m supposed to eat lettuce, for example.

I also changed some of the items I buy. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t anticipate how it would happen.

I thought I’d just have to stop buying frozen foods or whatever. Turns out, it also taught me to buy things like carrots with the dirt still on them. The carrots seem to last longer that way. It means a little extra work for me to clean them off, but it forces me to save some extra cash too by buying them the cheaper kind in bulk.

Living without a refrigerator has taught me to be more conscious of what I buy and when I buy it. Again, I knew this was coming, but I still couldn’t anticipate how it would actually affect me.

Just another example of why I enjoy experimenting: it’s hard to know until I try it.