No phone at home [EXPERIMENT]

Many of you remember my “no phone” days. I’m not talking specific days I went without a phone. These were entire years that I didn’t even own one.

My wife and work changed that for me, making it more useful (though I still hesitate to call it necessary). I now own a phone.

But part of me still wants to return to that.

You might imagine then that I live only a few minutes each day on my phone, rarely making phone calls, answering texts hours later, and never using the Internet.

The reality is, though, I’m on it constantly. I’m not on my computer as much as I’ve been in the past, but I’m not sure the trade is better. When I was on my computer, I felt more productive, writing online, sharing on social, and reading more long form content.

With my phone, I’m pretty much just scrolling through Facebook.


In the spirit of bringing back my [EXPERIMENT] posts, I’m going to quit using my phone when I’m at home.

You can still call me (and I might answer).

You can text me too (and I might answer).

Call or text Meagan if you really need me, which is probably what you do now anyway.

What I won’t be doing, though, is…

  • Starting any phone calls with it
  • Texting anyone first from it
  • (Most importantly) Getting online with it

And we’ll give it a month to see how it goes.

Instead, I’d like to…

  • Spend actual time with my family
  • Go places
  • Read books
  • Write
  • Play music
  • Do things I’ve needed to do but have been too lazy to start because I’ve been procrastinating ON MY PHONE.

And I’ll start tomorrow right now.