No phone at home [EXPERIMENT] – Day 2

Most things that make me more intentional are better.

That’s kind of a general statement. Let me give an example.

No phone at home makes me more intentional. When I get online, I have to physically open my laptop. The larger screen encourages me to write here or read longer form content online. Normally, on my phone, I’d gravitate toward something like my Facebook newsfeed, which has is never a good idea.

No phone at home, for now at least, makes me more intentional. As a result, for now at least, it’s better for me.

This isn’t always the case for everything. It’s not possible to pay attention to everything. We have to prioritize our focus.

In general, though, slowing down, focusing more intensely on less – that’s usually better than going with the mindless option.

Usually, the mindless option is just easier. By extension then, perhaps the corollary is this: most things that are easier are worse.