No drums for a year?

For the last eight years, I’ve played drums for an audience at least once a week. For a couple years there, I was playing with a band three or four times each week. I even took drums lessons with three different teachers.

And now I’m about to quit for a year.

Unlike my book break, which is more like a pseudo-break, I probably won’t play drums at all while I’m in Korea. I guess if I get really┬ádesperate, I might be able to find a music store that will let me play one of their kits, or maybe I’ll meet someone who plays and will let me goof around for a while.

Still, it’s not the same, especially since I’m used to playing live with other musicians.

I used to play guitar. I took guitar lessons for years. I haven’t played lately though. Maybe the break from drums will be similar.

It’s weird. Some things you do so much that you end up identifying yourself with them. I had friends who did that with basketball back in the day. I never did that with drums or guitar. I never considered myself a drummer or a guitarist, maybe because I was never all that great.

I think that makes the breaks easier, since who I am isn’t dependent on what I play.

I wonder, though, what other aspiring drummers might think of this. I wonder how many teenagers would love to be me right now, with all the experience of being able to play live for years with other great players on fantastic equipment.

I’m so blessed, but I take so much of it for granted. I’m just going to walk away from it all for a year, no second thoughts, not even blinking.

Or maybe that’s what this post is: my blink, my second thoughts. I’m going to miss playing.