No alarm clock [EXPERIMENT]

Do most people hate their alarm clock?

Do most people in the United States wake up to an alarm clock?

Do most people who wake up to an alarm clock use one more than 50% of their mornings?

If yes, then most people in the United States are hating away the first moments of their day, more than 50% of the time.

I know I didn’t like my alarm clock going off. Even if I felt great after getting up, those first moments are brutal.

A few weeks back, a friend mentioned that he doesn’t wake up with an alarm clock. At the time, I’d just started experimenting with waking up early every day, even on weekends. I thought trying to ditch the alarm clock would be a good idea too.

The first night of course is a little scary. Instead of dropping it cold turkey, I used one morning to see if I could wake up before my alarm clock. I could, and I knew I could, since I usually wake up before my alarm. But it’s different when the pressure is on.

So I gave it one morning. And I was fine.

The evening after, I turned off my alarm clock. I put my cell phone, which is what I use for an alarm clock, away in my bag. And I was fine. I wake up way in time.

I’ve been going without it for a few weeks now. The Daylight Savings Time change helped. I might be getting up later now.

What I’ve found, though, is that knowing I have to get up on my own the next morning, I do a better job of going to sleep on time anyway. Again, waking up early every day of the week also helps – it keeps that rhythm going.