October is here, and I’ve lived in this place since May. I’m assuming it’s now safe to say I’ve made it through the year without A/C.

The day I arrived, the director at my school visited my place with her husband, and her husband opened my window. It’s been open pretty much ever since.

I say “pretty much” because on a few occasions when I’ve had friends spend the night (yes, in the 10×10 flat with me), I’ve closed the window and cranked the air conditioning unit.

Otherwise, though, it’s been off.

I remember the first time I considered turning it on. The day grew hot unexpectedly, so I decided to chill the place out. But when I tried the A/C, it wouldn’t turn on.

The next day at work, I asked the school director about it since part my contract guarantees A/C. She sent her husband over to fix it, and when I got back from the school, it worked.

But that was the last I turned it on, apart from, like I said, when friends stayed the night. Over the next two days, I’ll share my experience with the heat and why I chose to experience it.