So I’ve yakked about how I pulled this off. The real question, though, is, why?

Couple reasons:

  • I’d never done it before: First off, read this.
  • I wanted to feel how hot it would get: I’d heard that Koreans only recently starting using air conditioning. I wondered what is was like before A/C.
  • I wondered if my body would adapt to the temperature: While I still felt the heat, I did adapt.
  • I wanted to be able to relate to people who don’t have A/C: I’d heard of people who either didn’t have A/C because of where they lived or just because theirs broke. I wanted to know what it was like for them.
  • I thought it might eventually save some money: Sure, it doesn’t make that big a deal now (my place is too small), but someday it might add up to more.
  • I wanted to try an experiment that wouldn’t require much active effort: These kinds of experiments aren’t always ideal, but they’re often the easiest experiments to complete. This proved to be no exception.

My guess, though, is that none of these reasons will make you want to try it next summer. That’s cool. That’s part of why I experiment.