New design: Welcome to the dentist’s office

So it’s here, the theme that took me four months to design.

Or not.

Truth is, it took me that long to discover what I wanted. As I mentioned before, I built it all up only to turn around and strip it all down. Building took months (I don’t really know how to code), but stripping only took two weeks (it was still hard to trash stuff I’d spent months building).

I have a few other minor tweaks to make, but you probably won’t notice them. So try to get used to this. It’s here to stay.

At first, it seems too stark. But once you get comfortable with it (if you can), everything else looks cluttered, riddled with buttons and lines and colors that do nothing. You’ll see what I mean if you hang around.

Or not.

One of my friends jokes about my white designs because they remind her of the dentist’s office. I won’t pretend she’s wrong. I figure if I keep the whiteness long enough, she’ll start to think the other way around, that the dentist’s office reminds of her my site.

My reputation will help the dentist’s instead of the dentist’s hurting mine.

Or not.