Nerf gun: Educational self-defense

This is what I end up writing too late at night:

There once was a class – a few of them actually – clearly, catastrophically out of control.

Some games, some charades, some kids thrown out. Hardly teaching, hardly my goal.

So I struggled and prayed and tried to delay

That 7:00pm class each Wednesday.


Until a new teacher was hired

Who brought a Nerf gun, ready to be fired.

I didn’t know it was his, thought it was just the class’s, so I asked to borrow it for the day.

And that day went well. That Wednesday went well. But, “Thanks for the Nerf gun,” was all I could say.

Until the next day.


When I bought and brought my own, a single shot version.

Simple to use, plenty bullets to lose – what more could I need in a Nerf gun?

From my pocket 10,000, hardly an expense

Makes sense for educational self-defense.

In other words, ’twas a good investment.