Naser’s advice for Saudi

“Saudi is whatever you want it to be.” -Naser

A few weeks after we left, a friend gave us this advice. He had been with the program since it started a year and a half ago, but he was leaving in just a few weeks.

We talked about a lot that day: how to get water delivered, how he got his passport renewed in Riyadh, where he was headed next. Toward the end, though, as though he was a wise, old sage, he told us that line.

He knew other guys would complain. He knew other guys would tell us to quit exploring the city because it’s boring. He knew everyone would say how hot it would get and how little there would be to do in it.

And that’s the challenge here: making Saudi whatever we want it to be, instead of letting everyone else define our experience for us. Naser was right, and he gave good advice.