My Two-Meal Diet

I realized just now that I’ve basically been following a two-meal diet for at least the past two or three years, maybe even five, seven, ten years. I eat a meal during the day and a meal during the night. That’s how it goes.

I’m not sure how I stumbled into this routine. I know it’s not for losing weight or anything. I’d actually like to put on a few pounds. And I’ve heard, for weight lose or weight gain, three or more meals per days works better than two.

Perhaps it’s laziness – I don’t want to make meals three times a day. Perhaps it’s stinginess – I don’t want to buy food for three meals each day. Perhaps it’s busyness – I don’t want to take the time to eat three times a day.

Or maybe it’s a combination of all three.

Whatever the reason, I know it’s not the healthiest option. But that’s not changing anything. I’m not writing this so I can change it in the future. Maybe I will sometime. For now, though, I’m just writing this to notice it.

That, and I want to name it. The “Two-Meal Diet” sounds okay, but I prefer the “Lion Diet,” you know, like a lion that doesn’t eat all the time, just when it catches its prey.