My timeline for the future scared me

Yesterday I made a timeline. Starting with now, I jotted down some of the things I’d like to do over the coming years. I pieced together how it might play out.

I did this a number of times before Korea, but my thoughts have changed so much since then. I’ve scrapped so many plans. So this was the first I’ve plotted out the latest version all on one timeline, instead of an idea here, an idea there.

I knew in general terms where these plans would take me, but seeing them stretched out in front of me in one line, they scared me. On one hand, they all seem exciting, like plans I’d really like to follow. On the other hand, though, they seem to take too long.

The immediate phase lasts until partway through 2014. That’s only about two and a half years away, which doesn’t seem too long until I insert my age in there. Then I have to really ask myself, Is that where I want to be when I’m that age? Is that where I should be?

I feel like the answer’s yes, but man, it’s scary. If I’m going to die when I’m 30, I’m pushing mortality here.