My shoes are so thin

My shoes are so thin I can feel the floor beneath me.

I wear Chuck Taylor’s Converse All-Stars. They’re black, and they’re not really Converse. I actually picked them up at Walmart last year during Black Friday for five bucks.

It’s winter now, and I’m still wearing them. I’ve started doubling up my socks to keep out the cold. Now I feel like I’m wearing slippers: lots of pad, little sole.

At work the other day, after sitting at my computer for about an hour, I stood up and felt like I wasn’t wearing shoes at all. I actually looked down to check if everything was okay.

Some people don’t like Chucks because they have very little sole. When you first start wearing them, they feel way too flat. I’ve been wearing them, though, or something similar in the winter since I was 14. During the summer, I wear sandals.

All that to say, I’m pretty used to it now. I like that I can feel the surface of the ground, the ridges, the rocks. I like that I can feel its temperature. It fits my style. It’s even become part of my Marshallosophy.

My shoes are so thin I can feel the floor beneath me. That’s an analogy for how I want to live my life.