My history of crying – Phase II

My next phase of crying hit just after the whining phase, sometimes immediately after, like within minutes.

I’d do something disrespectful, like continuing to whine and complain or bang on a door or something like that, or I’d just do something I knew I shouldn’t do, like lying or yelling at my brothers or something like that. And I’d get in trouble. And that hurt, physically and emotionally.

Now I sound like some scarred kid with a lousy childhood. But that’s not really how it played out, just how I felt at the time, in those moments. In those moments, I’m pretty sure I’m quoted as telling my parents, “I’m going to, to, to throw you in the garbage can.”

That’s the worst I could come up with. And if you think about it, it does sound pretty bad. But anyway…

Yeah, that’s the second phase.