My first piece of advice for anyone interested in teaching ESL in Korea

Okay, so I thought I’d go ahead and chronicle my journey of moving to South Korea to teach English. Thanks to the Internet, it’s a lot easier to find information about all this than it was even four years ago. Some of the info out there, though, is a little old. I can’t promise to keep my version updated, but at least it will be current as off the beginning of 2011.

I’m going to do this over a number of posts, sharing everything from how to find a school to what you’ll need to bring along. For today, I’m just going to share one piece of friendly advice:

Check everything out for yourself.

My info might be outdated by the time you try to use it. Same with everything else you hear. Also, no one is as invested in this as you are, not the┬árecruiters or the schools or the government officials or the friends you know who just got back. Get help from others but always double and triple check what you hear, even if it’s their job to tell you.

You’ll see what I mean when I explain more of my experience.