Happy Valentine’s Day, Meagan

Dear Meagan,

When we decided to get married in February – the same month as Valentine’s Day and also the same month as your birthday – I knew this might not be a smart idea, for me.

It’s hard enough to buy flowers in this month, much less anything datewise. Everything’s crazy expensive.

And if there’s one thing you might have noticed since we’ve been married, I’m not one to show my undying love by spending a bunch of money.

It’s even harder, though, because it’s two months after Christmas. Two years into our marriage, we’re broke. I mean not literally, but like our money’s already going to other places.

Presents? “Aren’t no body got time fo dat.”

But even if we did… we just had Christmas. You already got everything you ever wanted, right?

So then here we are, digging into all the not-quit-as-fun gifts, like a printer or a chair or… a vacuum.

We didn’t last long. We sunk so low so fast.

But then, right when you think we couldn’t get any lower, you notice this: a blog post.

How’s that for a Valentine’s Day present?

Too soon?