My ebook about gods (but not really)

Sitting in church two or three years ago, I got the idea to write a short book. I wanted to write about living intentionally and on purpose. The idea I came up with for the book, though, was that I’d write about this topic wrapped in a comfy blanket of gods.

Here’s what I mean. Instead of writing directly about living intentionally and purposely, I’d write about gods: the history of gods, the way they were used, and how we still use them today. It’s like I’d use gods of the past as an analogy for the gods we inherit and create and love today, even though most of us don’t have the cute little statues anymore.

It’s been a project I’ve brainstormed about a number of times since coming up with the idea. I hadn’t written anything for it directly, though, not until yesterday.

Yesterday, I finally started banging it out.

It’s not going to be long. It’s just going to be a short guide, an ebook. But I repeat myself.

I’m hoping this’ll be something I can post on the homepage here, something that’ll provide a decent introduction to what this site’s all about here. We’ll see. That’s a tall order. It’s probably why I’ve felt reluctant to try to write it.