My disposable blog

Much of what you read on this blog is disposable. You’ll read it once and probably never come back to it.

Same for me too. I’ll write it once, and for the most part probably never come back to it. I have no plans to turn these posts into a book one day. I have to plans to really do anything with these posts.

In other words, this is a one time offer, a real time offer. I’m giving this to you, writing this for you… for NOW.

Disposable sounds bad. But disposable is like life, like a conversation. Once it’s over, it’s over. No tape recorder to go back and replay the event.

It’s like a stream. You can dip your foot in now. But if you do again tomorrow, you’ll dip into a different water.

Don’t try to keep up with all the flow. Just enjoy it while you’re in. Learn from it while you’re here.