My college experience and best advice – Prepare

Note: This is part of a series on my experience and best advice for college. Visit often to get the rest.

1. I started early.

I started college when I was 17. I was home schooled before that, so I had an advantage. I was able to skip a grade and work through most of the rest fairly quickly. Actually, my mom thought I’d graduate from high school by the time I was 13, but I got lazy. My bad.

Friends of mine CLEPed out of classes so they didn’t have to take as many in college. Others who were home schooled took college classes while still in high school. Both are smart ideas. I didn’t take advantage of either though.

Mine was all about compression – more about that later.

I wouldn’t advise the early start for everyone, but it certainly played a big part in helping me graduate before I turned twenty.

Frankly, my parents and grandparents did more for me in this area than I did. Perhaps my advice then is to make sure you’re born into an excellent family. :>)