Music, how I missed you

For the first time since getting back, I played live music. My dad and my brothers and I played together. I played guitar, something I hadn’t done in Opus Jones. Normally, I’m on drums. But I loved it.

  • It felt great to get outside and play.
  • It felt great to have an audience I didn’t even know.
  • It felt great to play with my family.
  • It felt great to trade off parts.
  • It felt great to hear the music again.

And I didn’t even think I played that well. I just liked getting back out there, remembering the potential.

Afterward, my brothers and I played a bit more on our own after we brought all the instruments and equipment back to the church. They showed me, played for me, a few new songs they’d put together while I was living in Korea. It’s lots of fun to return to that, especially when the songs actually sound good, with lots of potential for rocking even harder.

I forgot I missed this. In Korea, I never really had a strong urge to play. I probably could have played a few times, but I never did. I knew it would be fun, but I just didn’t make it a priority. I forgot I missed it as much as I did.

Until now, until I got back into it, until I played again.